Coffee Cocktail SZN Volume 3

Coffee cocktail szn volume 3: The Kentucky Bella

Buckle up, we’re back again with another installment of Coffee Cocktail SZN. For our third edition we’ve taken things a little outside of the box. We like to think that this new drink really highlights our creativity and willingness to push boundaries. One could say that it personifies our “By Any Beans Necessary” mentality. That, or we’re slowly going stir-crazy as we hit week 3 of the stay-at-home order. Either way, today’s cocktail is sure to keep things interesting.

Today’s Coffee Cocktail is **drumroll please** The Kentucky Bella! Damn we’re getting good at these names. A refreshing mix of coffee, bourbon, and amaro, this cocktail combines the rugged tones of Kentucky with the suave attitude of Italy. More importantly, it tastes great. The bite of the bourbon is complimented by the orange tones of the amaro. Throw in some of our coffee, and you have the ideal cocktail for the early afternoon.

While the difficulty level is a bit higher than usual, we think this would be the perfect drink to impress whoever you’re trapped in isolation with. The addition of an egg white really sends this one over the top. Let’s dive in, shall we?


4.0 oz NuRange Cold Brew Coffee

1.0 oz Kentucky Bourbon

0.5 oz Amaro

1 Egg White


Gather all of your ingredients, ice, and a martini shaker. First, you’re going to obtain some fresh egg whites. Crack that egg, and strain out the yolk. Then, trash aforementioned yolk. Add bourbon, amaro, and NuRange Cold Brew Coffee over ice. Close the shaker and shake *with a mix of love and machismo * for 10 seconds. After that guy is nice and frothy, pour into a tumbler glass. Allow for a head to form. Enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Finished Product

By now we’ve established ourselves as hit makers, we’re not one-hit-wonders. Sure, we have a pre-made Cold Brewtini on the way. That’s not stopping us from pumping out hot fire all of quarantine. This drink really highlights our NuRange Cold Brew, and lets you enjoy the taste of coffee with a real kick on the back end. If you have any suggestions, compliments, or hate mail, please send it our way via Instagram.We want to generate the content you want. Keep checking back in, we have a feeling that there’s another coffee cocktail on the way soon.