Coffee Basics

What is cold brew?


Contrary to popular belief, cold brew is not iced coffee. Iced coffee is just hot coffee poured over ice. Cold brewing requires cold water and time, not heat, resulting in a smooth and robust flavor profile. Cold brew is also less acidic than traditional coffee due to the gentle and natural extraction process.

Do you use preservatives?


That’s gonna be a “NO” from us, dog. We believe preservatives are gross. While most cold brew typically lasts days to weeks, our high quality cold brew is FDA approved to be shelf-stable without refrigeration for one year. Science!

How much caffeine is in each can?


Each of our drinks have ~135 mg of caffeine. In comparison, that is more caffeine per cup than hot coffee, iced coffee, any type of tea, and your favorite energy drink. NuRange packs a punch, but not a below the belt haymaker from Mike Tyson.

Where do you source your coffee from?


We use the best beans you can get your hands on. All of our single origin, organic, arabica coffee beans are grown at over one mile high in the mountainous region of Huehuetenango, Guatemala (say that ten times fast). Additionally, all of our coffee beans are hand washed and sun dried to eliminate harsh processing methods. 

Do you care about farmers and the Earth?


All of our beans are Fair Trade, meaning that we pay a premium to make sure that our farmers are paid a fair, living wage. Great coffee beans come from happy farmers. Our happy farmers come from Guatemala. 

Our roastery is powered by solar energy, making Mother Earth a happy camper.

Is your "filtered water" better than my normal water?


So nice of you to ask! Our water is very special because we use reverse osmosis (RO) and ultraviolet filtering (UV). RO is a water purification process that removes ions, unwanted molecules, and large particles. UV is a water purification process that removes 99.9% of waterborne microorganisms. That’s right, it’s fancy.

Do you care about allergies, intolerances, and animals?


Of course! Our premium cold brew coffees are also:

Vegan       Dairy Free       Non-GMO       Gluten Free


Is There Dairy Or Plant Based Milk In The Latte?


Nope! We actually use a coconut cream.

Why Is There Coconut Cream In Your Latte?


There are multiple reasons, but taste and nutritional value reign supreme. Coconut cream is sweet, creamy, and contains several vitamins and minerals that are good for your mind and body. The flavor profile is creamy and thick, not watery and gritty like most dairy-alternatives. In a word, it can be described as “dank.” 

Is Your Latte Healthy?


Obviously, a black coffee would be your healthiest option. Our latte is significantly healthier than other lattes offered on the market. At 10 grams of added sugar and 110 calories, we have half of what our competitors do. While you may see “saturated fat” on the label and think it’s a bad thing, they’re actually good nut fats and MCT oil. 

Is There Anything Like This On The Market?


There sure isn’t! This latte is the first of its kind (we were surprised too). 

So...How Basic Is Your Latte?


So basic that youcan’t even, but with the taste you love and nutrition you didn’t think was possible. 


Why 8 fl oz?


It is the closest to the usual serving size of a cup of coffee and due to the fact that our caffeine content per oz is quite high.

Why aluminum cans?


Metal Recycles Forever – Creating aluminum is costly and energy-intensive, but does not require mining, refining, or smelting. Thus, recycling reduces the energy needed by up to 95% and lowers GHG emissions. Metal cans are also easily separated from other materials through magnets or “eddy current” technology.

Highest Recycling Rates – At 69%, cans are by far the #1 recycled beverage container in the world. At 14%, plastic is #2. However, due to additional value loss and sorting, 8% is recycled into lower-value applications and only 2% of plastic is ever recycled to its equivalent value.

Have you heard about the turtles? We’re big turtle people. We even created a NuRange Metal Straw.

Why fill with nitrogen?


Nitrogen helps to create a creamy/frothy head, helps add a latte-like taste without cream and grams of sugar, and it acts as a natural preservative from oxygen that elongates freshness.

How can I best enjoy your products?


Chill. Shake. Sip. Our cold brew coffee drinks are best enjoyed ice cold and shaken so that the cold brew interacts with the nitrogen. 

When are you going to be in my market?


Enter your zip code in our “Request Us In Your Market” form on our contact page! If we keep hearing from the same area, there’s a chance we’ll show up sooner then planned.

I’m an influencer, how do I become an affiliate?


Ah, so you’d like to take good looking pictures with our good looking cans. We like the sound of that. Contact us at