Coffee Cocktail SZN Volume 6

Coffee cocktail szn volume 6: Midnight Milkman

Does quarantine have you hot and bothered? With temperatures picking back up, do you wish you had a refreshing treat to cool you down? How about to wake you up at the same time? You’re right, cold beer just doesn’t do it. An ice cream cone seems childish; we’re all of legal drinking age. Lucky for you, our team has been back in the lab crafting up the next perfect summer cocktail: The Midnight Milkman.

Hear us out because this may have been the best thing we’ve come up with up to this point. This is a boozey, coffee milkshake that we may or may not have had five of when we first made it. The Midnight Milkman (name still under review) honestly tastes like the milkshakes you’d get at your local burger joint.

The real game changer here is the Dorda Liqueur, something we’d never heard of before making this drink. Trying times call for desperate measures, and we stumbled across this beautiful bottle of sea salted caramel flavored treat on the dusty back shelf of the liquor store. When we came across it, the first thing we literally thought was : “Guess we’re making a milkshake at noon boys!” It’s been in the 80s all week in Denver, and like Ron Burgundy said “Milk was NOT a bad choice.”


4.0 oz NuRange Cold Brew Coffee

2.0 oz Vodka

1.5 oz Dorda Sea Salt and Caramel Liqueur

0.5 oz Cream

optional: whipped cream


So for this guy, you’re going to need a LOT of ice and a blender. Don’t have access to a blender? Reassess your kitchen preparedness and go buy one from Target. We’ll wait.

Back with your blender? Wonderful. Gather all of your ingredients, and begin to measure them out. Add the mixture of NuRange Cold Brew Coffee, vodka, cream, and Dorda to the blender. Next, add as much ice as you can fit, we want this sucker to be thiccccc. Now get ready to blend this bad mama jamma up. FIRST! Make sure your blender is completely closed! (We made this mistake.) Now, hit that blend button with *sass and panache*. Once it’s thickened up, kill the blendy boi and dump it all in a chilled mason jar.

We’re all adults here, but let’s not pretend we don’t like whipped cream. Top it all off with half a can of the good stuff. Hell, if you have cherries, those would go well on top. For best enjoyment, we suggest drinking it with a Metal NuRange Straw.

Finished Product

The Midnight Milkman doesn’t just have to be enjoyed afterhours. General consensus is that this is actually a very trendy brunch drink. We may not be able to go out with friends on the weekend, but you better believe we’ll all be enjoying this on Sunday while we eat eggs with each other over Zoom. Give this one a try and hit us on Instagram with your reviews. This boozy take on the milk shake is literally the crème de la crème.