Coffee Cocktail SZN Volume 7 – The Deconstructed Mouthtini

Coffee cocktail szn volume 7: Deconstructed Mouthtini

What’s up everyone? We may still all be stuck at home, but that doesn’t have to stifle our creativity! As the days grow longer we turn inwards for inspiration. In our stir-crazed haze, we thought to ourselves, “Why do we even bother with the cocktail shaker? We ARE the cocktail shaker.” It was at this moment that both a new cocktail and party trick was conceived. With the Deconstructed Mouthtini, not only are you making a show of it, but you create a more personal connection with the drink itself. Because, like, you make the drink in your mouth.

We had you going there, didn’t we? Talking like we had transcended coffee, blogging, and mixology to reach some sort of quarantine Nirvana. The truth is, we’re exceptionally bored and we’re looking for fun ways to keep ourselves amused. This drink arose out of sheer boredom during another mixology session, and our friend wanted to streamline the drink-making process. Instead of waiting while we cleaned and sterilized the martini shaker in between recipes, he went ahead and “mixed” it in his mouth. It was hilarious, we all laughed, and here I am writing a blog about the Deconstructed Mouthtini.


2.0 oz NuRange Cold Brew Coffee

2.0 oz Vodka

1 Open Mind

optional: whipped cream


Now, there is a trick to making this. The drink is going to be a little different in scale based on who’s making it. This is because everyone’s mouth is a different size. The mixologist needs to be super self aware of this. If you’re too ambitious you end up spilling all over yourselves. We’ve now seen this happen multiple times.

So when you’re pouring out the ingredients make sure you take the TOTAL volume of the drink into account. First pour both a shot of coffee and a shot of vodka into two separate shot glasses. AGAIN, we can’t stress this enough, remember what your mouth can accommodate. Then, shoot the coffee first while holding it in your mouth. Second, take the shot of vodka and throw that into your mouth as well. DO NOT SWALLOW.

Now this, this is the piece de resistance. Close your mouth, tilt your head back, and shake it side to side violently. This will create the elusive froth that we discussed in our Espresso Martini Rating Guide.  Once you feel the drink has been properly mixed, feel free to swallow. If you’re feeling particularly crazy, we’d recommend a shot of whipped cream directly from the can as a chaser. This last step works best when there’s music playing at a loud volume. We’ve found that head-banging in a quiet room can be very awkward.

Finished Product

So even if you wouldn’t consider this a cool coffee cocktail (which we 100% do and we’re experts so you have to listen) this makes an excellent party trick. It doesn’t even need to be with coffee and vodka, it’s literally any mixed drink! You’re welcome for the fun heads up. But at your next pregame, turn the Fergie up, pop open a can of NuRange Cold Brew Coffee and your favorite vodka, mouth mix and head bang. That’s the point of the Deconstructed Mouthtini : to get the party started. **Pro-tip** if you want to take this to the next level, baby-bird it to your friends. Don’t know what baby birding is? Check out this video. Cheers!