NuRange Coffee Hospital Donation Program

NuRange Coffee Hospital Donation Program

Happy Sunday Everyone! This week we’re excited to introduce the NuRange Coffee Hospital Donation Program. Over here at NuRange we’ve been lucky enough to weather this pandemic relatively unscathed. However, others have not been so lucky. While we’re hunkered down in quarantine, healthcare professionals across the globe are fighting around the clock against COVID-19. The hours are grueling and the work is hard. Doctors, nurses, first responders, and countless others are putting their own needs aside to ensure that our local community stays safe and healthy. Every HCP in the country is pulling double or even triple shifts. Unfortunately to get the energy they so desperately need, they’ve had to turn to unhealthy energy drinks.

It was time for us to answer the call to action. We agreed that the best way for us to help was to fuel those working on the front lines. Thus the NuRange Coffee Hospital Donation Program was born. We’ve been reaching out to all of our contacts both in and out of healthcare. We’re calling on these contacts to assist us in coordinating donations of our Cold Brew Coffee to several Denver-area hospitals. We hope to get our coffee into every hospital, clinic, and testing center in our community. The HCPs of the Denver area deserve a clean and healthy source of energy.

People Over Profits

In addition to the NuRange Coffee Hospital Donation Program, we are also offering discounts to healthcare professionals. If they reach out to us via our Instagram by direct messaging a picture of their badge, we will provide them with a 50% off code and free shipping on all their online orders. Should they choose, we will even be delivering to their home or place of work. The entire goal of this program is to lessen the burden for our local heroes.

Results and continued Efforts

At the time of writing, we’ve had the privilege of donating to three Denver-area hospitals. The reception thus far as been wonderful and just seeing the smiles on people’s faces (we’re assuming, everyone’s wearing masks) has made it all worth it.  We currently have donations to fourteen other area hospitals scheduled over the next two weeks. But our work isn’t even close to done! We are continuing to seek out more people to coordinate donations with. Like we said, in times like these it is important to put our community first and focus on a “people over profits” mentality.

Do you, a friend, or family member work in healthcare in the Denver area? Please reach out to us on or Instagram to coordinate a donation through the NuRange Coffee Hospital Donation Program. If you want to place a personal order, please reach out through our Instagram first with a picture of your badge to get your personalized 50% off code! Thank you to everyone involved thus far, and we look forward to doing more to help in the future.