Origin Story Part One- The Official NuRange Journey

Cue The Compelling Origin Story

Our origin story is a funny one. NuRange Coffee didn’t start off as a CBD Cold Brew company. We didn’t start off making our Cold Brewtini, or even Cold Brew Coffee. NuRange Coffee didn’t even start off with the name NuRange Coffee. We started as an inside joke between two friends, an Instagram account, and a promise to one another while traveling Japan.

In college our group of friends had a tendency to fixate on things. So when we were introduced to the “Espresso Martini” it was like a match made in heaven. The espresso martini is the perfect cocktail. Not too bitter, not too sweet, just enough alcohol to be fun, and a shot of caffeine to keep your night going. We affectionately called it the adult Red Bull vodka.

It became an unspoken agreement that whenever we went to a restaurant or bar everyone got at least one.  Our palettes developed and we noticed that there was an incredible amount of difference from establishment to establishment, bartender to bartender. Thus, the rating system was developed (we’ll touch on this later).  With the rating system came the Instagram account, and with the Instagram account came the phenomenon. As the popularity of the Espresso Martini rating Instagram grew, so did the presence of the drink in local bars. We quickly took notice of this. Whenever we ordered our favorite coffee drink, other patrons in the bar would too. Friends of friends would submit their own versions to our Instagram for ratings. Soon the trend spread across our extended network throughout the country.

Collin had firmly entrenched himself as the espresso martini aficionado of Denver. Zach was right along there with him tasting his way through the city. Therefore, it was time to take things international. On a trip with friends to Japan, we found ourselves on the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt Tokyo. Even though it was a beautiful bar, they had some some particularly awful espresso martinis. The conversation turned to establishing a gold standard of espresso martini. We agreed if the opportunity ever presented itself we would leave our jobs to create it. 

Before we knew it, our joke became a reality. It was time to flip the script and pursue our dream. Part one of The Origin Story concluded. The Rest to be continued…