Strange Brews Edition 4 – CLR CFF

Strange Brews Edition 4 – Clear Coffee, That's a Thing

There’s a lot of weird coffee out there. Like, a LOT of weird coffee out there. When we first started researching for these blogs, we found a few “oddballs” like people who were putting lemons in their espressos. That’s a bit off, but nothing that will really shake your world. When we want to write about really weird stuff, we had to go a bit deeper into the Internet. Luckily, Zach has a penchant for the weird side of the web, and before we knew it, we’d found a list of dozens of off the charts coffees. For Strange Brews Edition 4, we decided to leave the animal kingdom in the rearview mirror and head across the pond to London. What did we find there? CLEAR COFFEE.


Let us start by saying that Clear Coffee is exactly what you think it is. It’s coffee, but it looks clear. Actually, it doesn’t just look clear, it looks like bottled water. The company, labeled as “CLR CFF” is extremely trendy. The packaging makes it look exactly like a high-priced bottle of water, which will definitely stand out in the cold brew aisle. Above anything else it is very different from anything else currently being offered on the market.

The Magicians Behind The curtain

Two Slovakian brothers, David and Adam Nagy, started Clear Coffee. They did not start the business with the idea of creating a trendy, funky coffee. Instead they created it as a functional beverage. Both of the brothers were prolific coffee drinkers. As we all know, there are certain disadvantages to drinking lots of coffee. One of the most notable side effects is stained teeth. As a matter of fact, I’m writing this blog as I whiten my teeth. Owning a coffee company will really take a toll on your pearly whites.

Coffee With a Purpose, But what about the taste?

We can certainly appreciate a coffee beverage dedicated to saving your teeth. Here at NuRange, we created a stainless metal straw so that you can protect your chompers. But imagine if you didn’t need the straw at all? Did these guys singlehandedly change the entire coffee industry overnight? Well, these guys aren’t giving up their secrets. Despite all of our research we couldn’t figure out how this was brewed. CLR CFF has gone radio silent since early 2019.

The coffee itself is brewed with fresh roasted Arabica beans. According to the Nagy’s it doesn’t contain any “preservatives, artificial flavours, stabilizers, sugar or any other sweetener.” This typically doesn’t bode well for a coffee’s flavor profile, and the reviews out there have echoed this. Most people have compared it to coffee flavoring dropped in a bottle of water. We can’t speak to this as we haven’t got our hands on a bottle yet.

What will it run me?

So this is significantly less expensive than anything else we’ve reviewed to this point. Coming in at $7.99 for a 12 oz bottle, it’s much more accessible than our extensive poop coffee list. I ordered a bottle for myself from a men’s care website to really give myself the full experience.

In Conclusion

So the coffee world seems split on whether this is a real coffee drink or not. It certainly got blown up in the reviews, but we think it looks super cool. Just based on innovation alone, it definitely qualifies for Strange Brews Edition 4. We give it 5/5 weirdo’s! (Trying a new rating scale). Keep an eye on the blog, we’ve found a treasure trove of weirdness on the internet and we can’t wait to share it with you.