Summer 2020 Updates Incoming

So NuRange...What's Poppin' With some Updates?

You may notice that things have been silent on the NuRange Coffee front. This isn’t because we’ve been just sitting around, it’s actually quite the opposite. We’re still working hard to get the Cold Brewtini out onto the market for you all this summer. We’re also working to make sure that your favorite NuRange Coffees can be found everywhere you want to buy them. But most importantly, we’re spreading the gospel of our delicious cold brew. Let us fill you in quickly on our summer plans, give some updates on our current projects, and maybe even tease something new to come.

We're still waiting for tini time!

First thing’s first, let’s talk ‘tini. The Cold Brewtini is our lovechild. It’s the entire reason Zach and Collin came together to start this whole business in the first place. However, it is so profoundly innovative that it is having a hard time getting made. First, it was so out of the box that the government didn’t know how to regulate it. But we won that. Second, most places don’t have the equipment or necessary licensing on site to be able to make it. We thought we’d found our way around this multiple time, but we keep hitting slight bumps in the road.

Luckily, we have some production partners who are both open minded and incredibly hard working. We’re meeting several times every week to work through the logistical issues that creating such a wildly creative and new product causes. If this was a drink that was boring, or less groundbreaking than the Cold Brewtini, we would’ve tossed the idea on the scrap pile and looked into something new. But this is one where the finished product will make all of the sweat and tears worth it.

We’re making progress here every day. Stay tuned to our Instagram for any major updates.

Market Madness

Next, let’s talk the spreading of the gospel. Summer season is farmer’s market season, and typically this would be a huge part of the year for new and emerging brands. But if you haven’t noticed — there’s a global health pandemic going on. That’s made things a little tougher than anticipated, but we’re all in this together working on adjusting to our new normal.

We’re currently attending two markets in the Denver area on the weekends, and we’re absolutely crushing it. You should come stop by and check us out! We’re slinging cold coffees and handsome smiles. Both markets have our Cold Brew Coffee and CBD Cold Brew Drink available.

In Cherry Creek, we have a full booth at the ever-popular Colorado Fresh Markets. We are directly in the middle of the market every Saturday from 8AM-1PM. The market itself is on the corner of University and Speer, in the parking lot of the old Bed Bath & Beyond. Come swing by and ask Collin how his golf game is going (spoiler, he hasn’t had much time to play with our new NuRange Golf Balls).

In Aurora, we’re wheelin’ and dealin’ at the Fetch Market summer series. Located in the Stanley Marketplace, we have a tabletop set up on select Sundays. The market runs from 10AM-5PM, and you can find the schedule here. Make sure not to load up on coffee before you come visit!

BIG project in the works

Now to the really interesting stuff. As you now know, with the Brewtini getting delayed, we were really getting the itch to create something. We knew there were still holes in the coffee market, so we figured we might as well go out and give the people what they need. And what they need, will be coming the end of July.

That’s right. We made a whole new coffee drink. I’m not going to spoil it for you yet, because we’re saving the grand reveal for another day when we’ve built some more hype. But we’ll give you a tease below, with a color of the label. Can you guess what it is? If you correctly submit a guess to our Instagram DM’s, we’ll send you a couple free cans upon release.

Bye for now!

That’s it for updates! We promise to be coming with some more regularly throughout the summer. Stay busy! Stay hydrated! BUY MORE COFFEE!