Origin Story Part Four – The Official NuRange Journey

Origin Story Part Four, why would we ever do CBD Cold Brew?

Origin Story Part 4, this is officially a saga. After a week full of cocktail recipes, we figured it would be a good moment to jump back into some NuRange Coffee history. In this edition of our tale, we’re going to talk how we landed on creating our Nurange CBD Cold Brew. To clear things up early on, we’re going to be covering the science behind our CBD more in depth in a future blog post. If you have any quick questions, please find your answers in our FAQ section.

Like we’ve mentioned before, it was never in our original plan to be a CBD coffee company. The Cold Brewtini was and still is our baby. However, as we discussed in Origin Story Part 1, when we see an opportunity, we pursue it. We first got into cold brew because we felt that the options were lacking. As we dove further into cold brew and the exciting world of CBD, we noticed the same. While the market was full of CBD coffees, most of them weren’t working as advertised. We figured we could do better, and we dove into the science behind it.

But everyone Else is doing cbd coffee

Here in Denver, every single coffee shop was offering CBD coffee. Although, they just added it to your coffee like a scoop of sugar.  We found most of the CBD being added to coffee was effectively useless. Since CBD was such a trendy buzzword, many people jumped into the business to make a quick buck. The CBD most companies were using wasn’t refined enough to the point where it could be accepted by your body. In short, most CBD coffees were up charging customers $3-4 a cup with absolutely no benefit.

As we looked further into CBD, we did find that there really was some exceptional CBD out there. However, nobody seemed to be using it in coffee. This is because the better, more refined CBD was significantly more expensive than the cheaper alternatives being utilized by everyone. Smaller margins naturally scare people away, but again, where people see challenge, NuRange sees opportunity.


We decided that we should be the first CBD cold brew coffee company to really utilize top shelf CBD. Seeing as we were already sourcing some of the best coffee available, it was a match made in heaven. As we began to source samples, we subjected them to a number of tests. It was important to us that the CBD was potent, and didn’t affect the taste of the coffee. To ensure potency, we put our samples through thermostability tests that even their developers hadn’t subjected them to. We wanted to ensure that the CBD didn’t degrade and lose potency at any point in our production process.

In Conclusion

Without diving too far into the science side of things, we’re very happy with where we ended up. Instead of buying cheap, run of the mill CBD to hop onto a trend, we researched our product heavily. Sure, our margins are thinner, but when we give you a CBD coffee, you know that it is actually going to work. We can confidently stand behind our product, and we’re constantly working to make sure that it’s still the best on the market.

Whenever we bring up that we make a CBD Cold Brew, people always respond with “You must have to jump through a lot of legal hoops.” Yes, yes we do. As CBD is a totally new industry, the legal guidelines are murky at best. So it’s made the journey into the cannabis space incredibly interesting. So interesting in fact, that we’re going to be covering it in our next origin story post. For now, that does it with Origin Story Part 4. In the meantime, check out our Instagram for more content.